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Apexology founder

A .Net turned force.com developer

"I've been constantly surprised by the lack of quality delivered on the Salesforce.com platform"

After 7 years developing on the Force.com platform, Apexology founder Phil decided it was time to do things better. So often during those 7 years Phil had come across production code in customer environments that was such a spaghetti mess, knowing where to begin was a nightmare. From instances where developers clearly didn’t understand the basics of data types (string shouldDisplay = ‘True’) to basic logic issues (string shouldDIsplay = ‘true’; string shouldNotDisplay = ‘false’;), data modelling issues where objects have 500 fields, its always been a struggle.

Phil started Apexology in 2019 to try and do that – make things better, one customer at a time. If your Salesforce environment is in need of a health check or could do with some TLC, get in touch and see if we can help.


Salesforce Development

Good design should always be considered.

User Experience and interface design are things that can be seen by anyone, but what underpins those designs isn't always built to be extensible or maintainable. Following a few simple patterns and practices when designing solutions can lead to a better development process and ultimately faster turn around on new features and upgrades.

When talking Apex, the key thing to remember is that Apex is “An object-oriented language” and that design patterns and best practice can (and in his view, should) be followed. Following simple SOLID principles and Gang of Four patterns provides a higher degree of cohesion thus resulting in software that is more extensible and maintainable.

That is not to say that good coding practices should be at the cost of all else. A start-up project requiring a MVP solution needing to deliver in short time-frames can be a valid reason to shortcut some processes, so long as there is an understanding that shortcuts up front may result in some rework later, once the soultion has matured.

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